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Design of Advanced Interfaces (DIANA)

DIANA is the research group TIC-171 of the PAIDI (research, development and innovation planning of the Junta the Andalucía). The DIANA research group has been working for more than 10 years on novel advanced interfaces for applications to the new information and communication technologies. The main research areas of the DIANA group are Networks and Radio Technology, Electronic Systems Design and Man-Machine Interfaces and Virtual Reality. The main focus of the Networks and Radio Technology group is the analysis, modelling, control and management of new generation communication networks, and the hardware/software design and development of portable devices for healthcare applications Electronic Systems Design is focused on hardware/software design and development for home automation (domotic) applications, monitoring and control. The aim of Man-Machine Interfaces and Virtual Reality is the study and development of interactive multimode systems, particularly in relation with Virtual Reality interaction techniques. DIAMA has a professional laboratory of immersive virtual reality and specific instrumentation for data acquisition of psychophysiological signals.

Research Topics

  • Networks and Radio Technology
  • Human-Machine Interfaces and Virtual Reality
  • Electronic Systems Design

Scientific-Technical Services

  • Virtual Reality simulation for training.
  • Systems of Interaction in Virtual Environments.
  • Resource Management in cellular radio networks.
  • · Smart Antennas Technology.
  • Development of multimedia applications for WPAN networks based on Bluetooth.
  • Development of Body Area Networks for teleassistance services.
  • Monitoring and Remote Control of industrial facilities.
  • Brain Computer Interaction
PAI Reference: TIC171
Website: http://www.diana.uma.es

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