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Inorganic Analysis

This research group has over 20 years old searching for new analytical methods to help determine traces levels of metal ions (nickel, cadmium, mercury, etc.) in biological samples (urine, blood serum, biological tissue, etc.) and in environmental samples (different types of water, sediments, etc.). In the search for the analytical process automation, these scientists have developed a online ion-exchange preconcentration method.

Research Topics

  • Development of new preconcentration and speciation methods of metal traces and ultra-traces in biological and environmental samples using ICP-AES and ETA-AAS techniques.
  • Development of new liquid chromatography columns.
  • Use of chemometric methods for solving analytical problems.

Scientific-Technical Services

  • Trace element analysis of biological samples.
  • Trace element analysis of environmental samples.
  • Advice on chemical analysis of samples.
PAI Reference: FQM117
Website: http://www.ciencias.uma.es/grupos/grupos/trazas.html

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