Engineering and Environmental Management (G.I.G.A)

The Engineering and Environmental Management Group of the UMA has the most up-to-date equipment for the analysis and characterization of soils and waters. It is constituted by a highly qualified human team and a wide curriculum in indicated research lines. It also has a wide experience in the management of waste produced by the productive sectors, indispensable circumstance in order to value and improve its reuse and also implementing measures aimed to the environmental protection.

Research Topics

  • Assessment of the contamination of soils and underground water.
  • Prevention and decontamination of soils.
  • Treatment of wastewater.
  • Management of waste: industrial, MSW and biomass waste.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Physical-chemical characterization of soils.
  • Modeling systems and techniques application on contaminated soils recovery.
  • Analysis of drinking and waste water.
  • Waste management studies.
Engineering and Environmental Management (G.I.G.A)Engineering and Environmental Management (G.I.G.A)



Main Researcher: CÉSAR GÓMEZ LAHOZ

PAI Reference: RNM281



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