Communications Engineering

The group of Communications Engineering at the University of Malaga, has a large team of highly qualified researchers which have extensive experience in telecommunications networks. One of the main goals of this group has always been to contribute to technological development, which is the reason for having an extensive curriculum in collaboration with enterprises active in various areas of communications technologies.

Research Topics

  • Mobile and broadband communications.
  • Radiofrequency, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies.
  • Digital image processing.
  • Digital signal transmission.
  • Satellite communications.
  • Audio and video Systems. Acoustics.
  • Automation of test equipment for terminals and telecommunications networks.
  • Optical communications systems.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility engineering.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Optimization, management and automation of mobile communications networks.
  • Development of software for mobile communications systems.
  • GPS and location-based services.
  • · Development of radiofrequency, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies.
  • Digital transmission systems for mobile communications.
  • Analysis and design of photonic devices and systems.
  • Digital processing of audiovisual signals.
  • Study of the biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.
Communications EngineeringCommunications EngineeringCommunications EngineeringCommunications EngineeringCommunications Engineering



Main Researcher:

PAI Reference: TIC102



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