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Mechanical Engineering Malaga

This research group that conducts its business in the School of Industrial Engineering and the Polytechnic School, is composed of 12 researchers, 5 of them are Doctors Engineers and the rest graduates. They make their labour both at teaching and researching, and also providing services to industry.

Research Topics

  • Engineering Vehicle: - Dynamic behavior of tires modeling. - Development of theoretical and experimental intelligent braking systems in cars. Simulation on test bench. - Behavior in-service security-oriented in cars. Automation testing lines of ITV. - Design and manufacture of a buggy type vehicle for use as a platform for the development of new subsystems.
  • Biomechanics: mechanical behavior of the lumbar spine.
  • Modeling prosthetic knee as an aid for selecting the optimal surgical technique.
  • WINMECC: Developing specific software for simulation and synthesis of plane mechanisms.
  • Mechanical aspects in the design of mobile robots: mechanical design, dynamic simulation, optimization of trajectories.

Scientific-Technical Services

  • Issuance of official reports for cataloging historic vehicles (accredited by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business of Andalusia).
  • Advanced mechanical design.
  • Design and manufacture of prototype mechanical systems for research and industrial applications (in collaboration with the machining workshop at the University of Malaga).
  • Mechanical Engineering Malaga
  • Mechanical Engineering Malaga
  • Mechanical Engineering Malaga
  • Mechanical Engineering Malaga
PAI Reference: TEP140
Website: http://webdeptos.uma.es/ingenieriamecanica/indexingmec.htm

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