Mechanical Engineering Malaga

This research group, established at the School of Industrial Engineering , is composed by 15 permanent researchers, including 11 doctor engineers and 4 graduates researcheres. They make their labour both at teaching and researching, and also providing services to industry. The main lines of activity of the group are: * Vehicle engineering: Modeling the dynamic behavior of tires; theoretical and experimental development of intelligent braking systems in cars; test bench simulation; safety-oriented car service behavior. * Biomechanics: mechanics modeling and simulation of t the musculoskeletal system, focusing especially on the lumbar spine, the knee joint and the pelvis; biomechanical design and optimization of orthopedic surgery thecnics; kinematic and kinetic analysis of healthy and pathological human movement; development of techniques and technical aids for movement rehabilitation, including the design of orthoses and exoskeletons. * Design and analysis of mechanisms: including synthesis type and dimensional synthesis. * Machine design for industrial applications: projects have been developed in collaboration with companies related to the automotive industry, railway industry, component manufacturing industry ...

Research Topics

  • Vehicle engineering.
  • Biomechanics.
  • Design and analysis of mechanisms.
  • Design of machines for industrial applications.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Issuance of official reports for cataloging historic vehicles (accredited by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business of Andalusia).
  • Advanced mechanical design.
  • Design and manufacture of prototype mechanical systems for research and industrial applications (in collaboration with the machining workshop at the University of Malaga).
Mechanical Engineering MalagaMechanical Engineering MalagaMechanical Engineering MalagaMechanical Engineering Malaga



Main Researcher: MARIA PRADO NOVOA

PAI Reference: TEP140



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