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Research on Electronic Commerce - EUMEDNET

The group "Eumednet" is a research team specializing in the study of the economic and social consequences of Internet. Promotes the social and educational use of Internet and has created a website (address, http://www.eumed.net/), which provides an encyclopedia and a virtual library with numerous free publications of Social Sciences, Economics and Law.

Research Topics

  • Legal Problems of electronic commerce.
  • Economic impact of electronic commerce.
  • Teaching over the Internet.
  • Training on the Internet (e-learning).
  • Editing and maintenance of the Virtual Library, the Newspaper Library and the Virtual Interactive Multimedia Encyclopedia (EMVI) from its website.

Scientific-Technical Services

  • Advice on economic and legal aspects of electronic commerce.
  • Organization of international scientific conferences over the Internet.
  • Editing and web publications of books and academic journals.
  • Courses and training over the Internet (e-learning).
PAI Reference: SEJ309

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