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Fluid Mechanics

The research group disposes of a modern laboratory with the latest in equipment, both experimental and computational, a team of highly qualified personnel and a broad curriculum in teaching and research, which ensures the reliability of the measurements and provides access to them for any type of organization, in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy, water and gas distribution, watersheds, etc.

Research Topics

  • Hydrodynamic stability and its application to vortices and swirling flows.
  • Aero-hydrodynamics of vehicles
  • Sediment transport and erosion
  • Combustion.
  • Fluid dynamics analysis of renewable energy devices

Scientific-Technical Services

  • Numerical simulation and analysis of fluid flows.
  • Wind tunnel tests
  • Water tunnel and water channel tests.
PAI Reference: TEP146
Website: http://www.fluidmal.uma.es

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