Electric Power System Group

This research group is an inter-departmental collaboration of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering (E.T.S.I. Industrial, Malaga). It is specialized in studies on planning, control and exploitation of electrical energy systems. This type of studies are of interest for the different parties depending on the electricity market, like consumers and producers as well as the regulating entities, namely the carrier and the marketer. This team, formed of 4 researchers with a PhD degree, has been in collaboration with the most prominent Spanish companies of that sector.

Research Topics

  • Planning, control and exploitation of electrical energy systems.
  • Electric power markets.
  • Optimization techniques for large-scale systems.
  • Electric power systems analysis under uncertainty. Probabilistic techniques.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Technical reports and development of models for optimized planning and operation of electric power systems.
  • Technical advisor for R&D departments of companies in the electricity sector.
  • Development and implementation of deterministic and probabilistic optimization technique models in order to face problems of the electricity sector in particular and those of the industrial production sector in general.
Electric Power System GroupElectric Power System GroupElectric Power System Group



Main Researcher: JUAN PÉREZ RUIZ

PAI Reference: TEP144


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