Applied Information and Communication Technologies

This research group is composed of a team with extensive experience in diverse applications of information technology and communications. Among the activities developed by the ATIC Research Group, those for audio and musical signal processing, the development of RFID systems and the application of security and cryptography in communications networks are the most relevant ones. The research line on audio and music is focused to provide the users of learning or entertainment systems with specific interactivity paradigms just with sound and music. Among the main developments in this field we can offer tools for the analysis of singing voice for music learning or automatic music composition (with different musical styles) that can be used for learning tools or videogames.

Research Topics

  • Processing of musical information.
  • Processing of digital audiovisual signals.
  • Systems of radio frequency identification (RFID).
  • Cryptography and security in communications.
  • Vehicular networks: Application to road safety
  • Music signal processing: Music content description.
  • Voice signal processing for identification and transformation.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Development of specific hardware for communications and different applications.
  • Design and development of new hardware and systems based on RFID.
  • Audio signal processing. Polyphonic music transcription.
  • Analysis of musical scores by image processing and recognition techniques (OMR).
  • Cryptographic applications for sensor networks.
  • Application of security in RFID devices and SmartCards.
  • Authentication key to public access to Web services and anti-phishing.
  • Automatic melody composition for videogames
  • Voice signal processing for identification and transformation
Applied Information and Communication TechnologiesApplied Information and Communication TechnologiesApplied Information and Communication Technologies




PAI Reference: TIC208



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