Micro-Economic Fundaments

A research group that is part of the department of Economic Theory and History of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Malaga, within the area of fundaments of economic analysis. Its research mostly deals with the areas of financial and banking economy, within the Game theory applied to economy, and in technological change for financial entities.

Research Topics

  • Financial economy. Production system in financial entities.
  • Study and analysis of banking economy.
  • Game theory applied to economy.
  • Experimental economy.
  • Regulation and technological change in financial entities.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Regulation of the solvency and stability of the banking system.
  • Strategies for facing the fusion or acquisition of banking entities within the same geographical territory.
  • European integration of financial entities.
  • Advice for the expansion of new banking products.


Micro-Economic FundamentsMicro-Economic FundamentsMicro-Economic Fundaments



Main Researcher: ANA LOZANO VIVAS

PAI Reference: SEJ194


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