Teachers, Communication and Educational Research

The research group located in the Department of School Organisation and Didactics of the Faculty of Education Science of UMA and it count also with teachers from Department of Audiovisual Communication in Faculty of Communication Sicences in UMA, and from Department of Education in University of Almeria. Also, teachers from Argentine, Mexico, Brazil and colombia are collaborators. Its main focus is the study of the school experience of students, teaching staff and parents for implement improvements in the democratic functioning of schools from the narrative analysis and biogeographical analysis. In order to develop collaborative strategies for guarantee valuable results, the group collaborates closely with schools of primary and secondary education. Group founded in 1995, dedicated to study of individuals in an environment of marginalization and social risk. They also direct projects of communication and power, communication and education, and ecologies of learning in diverse contexts.

Research Topics

  • Professional culture of the teaching staff with respect to their institutional environment and their professional curriculum. Strategies for the professional change and your improvement.
  • Assessment of the students and their experiences at school.
  • School experience and educational community.
  • Education-Communication. Communication for social Change.
  • Body Narratives and Identities. Pedagogy of the Body. Body and Education.
  • Body, Consciousness and Movement. Corporeality and Motricity in the educational context
  • Communication, Corporal Expression and Creativity.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Advisor for the improvement of educational strategies.
  • Advice for the construction of an educational community with the students and the families.
  • Advisor for social institutions with respect to socially marginalized individuals.
  • Training courses about the groups’ research topics.
  • Advice to local, province mass media.


studies social education 
Teachers, Communication and Educational ResearchTeachers, Communication and Educational ResearchTeachers, Communication and Educational Research




PAI Reference: HUM619



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