Communication Studies and Information Society

This research group of the Faculty of Communications Sciences was founded in 1999 and consists currently of 22 members. Among the various ongoing national and international collaborations the current academic activities are focused on one project in particular: the identification of indicators for the comparison of the developmental stage of the information society in the autonomous communities of Spain and to use these results for the definition of comparative levels on a global scale.

Research Topics

  • Theory and history of communications and journalism. Origin and formation of the information society on a regional level: The example Andalusia.
  • Communications, technology and society. History and regional structure.
  • Education and communications. Convergence in the knowledge society.
  • Communications and culture. Reference values from the Andalusian society.
  • Communications and development. Propositions for democracy in communications.• Education and communications. Convergence in the knowledge society.
  • Analysis of international news. Communication policies in the European Union.
  • Studies on the quality, credibility and trust of the contents of print and digital journalism, as well as audiovisual content.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Reports on the impact of the communications on the surroundings.Research analysis.
  • Advisor for communications councils.
  • Aspects of cultural management, communications and culture.
  • Indicators for handling, equipment, etc.
  • Training in critical media analysis.
  • Organization of international congresses and workshops on communications.
  • Studies comparing media used in different territories.
  • Audiences and social representations in journalistic texts and the audiovisual image.


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Communication Studies and Information SocietyCommunication Studies and Information SocietyCommunication Studies and Information Society




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