Positive personal resources, health and wellbeing in applied contexts

This research group focuses its interest on the study of personal resources that may be relevant in the prediction of indicators of psychological health and well-being. In recent years, several studies have been conducted with different groups at psychosocial risk such as multi-occupational samples, adolescents, people in situations of unemployment or old age. Among the psychological resources that have received most attention are: Emotional Intelligence, self-core evaluations psychological strengths such as forgiveness and gratitude.

Research Topics

  • Positive Organizational Psychology: positive resources for the improvement of personal and labor welfare indicators.
  • Positive Psychology oriented to the prevention and reduction of bullying and cyberbullying behavior in adolescence.
  • Emotional Intelligence, psychological strengths and quality of life associated with health in work, social and educational contexts.
  • Adaptation and validation of instruments for evaluation of positive personal resources.
  • Protective factors and emotional coping strategies against variables of psychological maladjustment.
  • Technologies'' addictions : Assessment, prevention and intervention through positive personal resources.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Prevention of bullying and cyberbullying from positive psychology (emotional intelligence, forgiveness, positive coping, etc.)
  • Promotion of personal and work well-being through intervention programs on "burnout" and teacher stress.
  • Development of positive personal resources to improve health and well-being.
  • Assessment and profiles of technologies'' addictions: internet, smartphones, social networks and videogames.


health studies social psychology 
Positive personal resources, health and wellbeing in applied contexts



Main Researcher: LOURDES REY PEÑA

PAI Reference: CTS1048



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